Robomecs Authorised Reseller Program
Robomecs is dedicated to bringing the latest technological products which can help office works and provide convenience to home entertainment.

We have an extensive range of innovative products from portable solar phone chargers through to computer products. Robomecs Australia has experience in supplying different kinds of products in small businesses and larger commercial enterprises.

A significant and growing portion of our success is attributed to our Resellers. Robomecs Australia is well-suited for Reseller sales.

By partnering with Robomecs Australia, you gain the power of one of Australia's market leaders and sell high-quality and high tech products without any hassle.

We understand resellers' needs and create a system designed to best accommodate them so that our resellers are able to provide the highest level of customer service, have extensive product knowledge and achieve sales goals.

Our Business Partner program gives you the opportunity to offer a verified innovative product. As part of our distribution network we work closely with quality companies who share our vision, determination and pride in supplying consistently reliable, high quality advanced products. We want to develop partnerships with dealers who are interested in using Robomecs Australia as a margin building sales strategy.

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World Innovative LCD/Plasma TV Motorised Brackets
Robomecs Australia provides a wide range of Motorised TV Brackets to fix your TV on the wall. This makes your room more spacey and it can keep your TV in a stable location. It is now encouraged to install brackets for your TV due to the much lighter weight and slim design of modern models. Robomecs Motorised TV Brackets can keep your TV safe and secure in a good location. With the touch of a button, you can adjust your TV position in any direction that is favourable for your viewing angle without any hassle.

Robomecs Motorised TV Brackets come in many types with different functions to suit your specific needs. Full Motion Wall Mount X-Arm is able to move your TV in all directions, Swing Mount TS32 and TS52 can swing your TV up to 90 degrees, Tilt Mount TJ helps you eliminate glare and Swivel Stand SA can swivel left or right up to 60 degrees.

If you want to bring your home entertainment to a higher level, you should consider Robomecs Motorised TV Brackets.